To use the weather as the metaphor for today’s point, many of us are in the midst of an internal storm of impulses and behaviours that we know don’t benefit us. It’s raining bad food choices and howling a gale of not exercising. We’re miles from shelter, soaked through, with an umbrella that was long since mangled beyond usefulnessĀ šŸŒ§šŸ’Ø

If this is you, then I have some good news. Unlike the weather outside, our internal atmosphere can (with a little focus and persistence) be greatly influenced for the better (or worse) by our THOUGHTS and subsequent ACTIONS. We can part the clouds and bathe ourselves in warm invigorating sunlight, completely transforming the landscapeĀ šŸŒ…

With that in mind (haha), I encourage you to turn your gaze inward, and take a rational look at the internal climate your thoughts and actions are generating. What thoughtless actions are you taking that bring rain? What action-less thoughts if implemented could bring sunshine?

For most of us I’m sure we could identify some things to start doing and some things to stop doing, and I encourage you to let this be the day that you put those THOUGHTS in to ACTION. It’s a new week tomorrow, so if you want something different do things differently from now on.

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