I’m gonna lead by saying my Monday has not gone to plan. I had clients, training, and many other jobs lined up BUT, after a busy weekend I woke up sick and run down, and all that went out the window. Well sort of anyway.

As the image said, “plan for life, not for perfect”. What I mean by this is that we should have plans that can endure life’s unpredictability. Many of us (myself included) can fall into a sort of compulsive and rigid mindset where things must go a certain way or they’re just not going to happen. We don’t have a “plan b”, and even if we did might find it hard to feel satisfaction from anything that isn’t exactly what we “planned”. The goal somehow becomes less important than the specific process.

We join a gym to get fitter and lose weight, then we sprain our wrist and suddenly there’s no point doing anything because we can’t bench.

We start reducing our calories to lose weight, then get invited to a social event and binge, so we go back to our old habits and forego the whole thing.

Take the first example. Sure your wrist is sore, but your goal wasn’t to get fitter and lose weight by bench pressing alone?? So we take out upper body exercises and focus on legs, core, and cardio. This adjustment allows you to continue moving forward and when compared to doing nothing is the superior choice.

My Monday for example.

I can’t physically see clients BUT, I can still message them, see how they’re doing, send them workouts etc. There is still a way for me to be valuable outside of the planned appointment and maintain the relationship that provides their results and my income.

I can’t go in to the gym and squat and bench for the sets and reps I wanted to, but I can do some bodyweight squats and pressups and some stretching as it’s better than nothing.

That’s the key. Most of the time there is always SOMETHING we can do that is better than nothing. Whether we get sick, injured, whatever it is, these are not deviations from the plan, you might just have the wrong plan. They are not setbacks, you just didn’t account for life happening.

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