In this one precious life we have, it is not only our INTENT that determines our trajectory, but also our HABITS. If we put the work in and align these two factors, we can propel ourselves towards whatever we wish to achieve (within reason😉).

In the context of health and fitness, I’ll give an extremely simple example of someone not matching their habits with their intent:

✅ Person A INTENDS to lose some weight because they want to look better and feel healthier.

❎ Person A however also HABITUALLY consumes convenient calorie dense foods, prioritizes others over themselves, has negative internal dialogue, gives up at the first hurdle….

While in this example Person A’s INTENT may get them into a gym to sign up, or get them out for a walk, in the long term their HABITS could be a handbrake for them.

In light of this, when I first meet with a client, I’m no longer too interested in what they INTEND to achieve, but why they haven’t achieved it yet, and may not achieve it in the future. If this sounds contrary to my entire role as a trainer, hear me out…

We all WANT to be better in some way 👏😇 Whether we want our bodies to be bigger, smaller, faster, or our lives to be happier, more fulfilling, more financially stable – our ability to attain these things largely comes down to us being able to support ourselves into that better future with our habits now. There may be sacrifice to make. Relationships may need to change, habits slowly altered or replaced, comforts forgone, mindsets shifted. We often take little notice of the amalgamation of thoughts, ideas, reactions, and habits that have over time coalesced to form “US”, and in order to change we may be required to figure out exactly what we are and why and how that relates to the world around us.

So – I look at your HABITS as well as your INTENT, and try to help you identify your limiting behaviors and slowly tweak them to work in your favour.

If this sounds interesting to you, maybe book an appointment and together we’ll figure out how to get you a little (or a lot) closer to where you’d like to be 🤓🤝💪

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