Ironhide offers a comprehensive, individualised, and scientifically backed approach to training and nutrition.

Ironhide Coaching is an in-person and online coaching service for individuals looking to make a change to their health. Whether you are an aspiring powerlifter, body builder, sportsperson, or someone new to exercise, I have the knowledge and experience to help. All of my in person services are delivered at Bay City Gym in Napier.

One of the most crucial elements to implementing change is education. It is a given that when someone reaches out to me they have identified they want change, so I see it as my role to teach them how to achieve it.

What I Offer

One On One Training

Ideal for those wanting to maximize accountability and results. Provides the most time and attention for me to teach you what to do, how to do it, and explain why.

Online Coaching

For the more advanced trainee who needs less supervision, but still wants oversight and accountability. Monthly in person or online consultation, with weekly training plan dynamically adjusted to ensure progression. Also includes form/technique monitoring via video (weekly).

Weight Loss Strategy

Gain a basic understanding of the principles of nutrition, and learn to bring your lifestyle in line with these to support your goals. These are not cookie cutter plans, rather individualized strategies based on your unique circumstances.

Small Group Training

Whether you and a friend want to share the costs of one on one, or your Waka Ama team wants a fitness test, small group training is a cost effective and fun way to train. Accommodates groups of up to 15 people.

Boot Camps

Another cost effective product, providing great accountability for those who can stick to a set schedule. My bootcamps are 4 weeks long with 3 sessions weekly at 6am Mon, Wed, And Fri.

Training Programs

Regimented personalized training programs to fill out and follow and track towards your desired goal.

Contact me to find out how I can help you achieve your goals!