Ironhide offers a comprehensive, individualised, and scientifically backed approach to training and nutrition.

Ironhide Coaching is an in-person AND online coaching service for individuals interested in powerlifting and/or bodybuilding. Options are also available for regular gym-goers, those new to training and nutrition, and athletes involved in other sports. In-person coaching is available with Ironhide at Bay City Gym.

The most recommended and common service delivered for any goal is full training, nutrition, and cardio coaching. To combine all of these facets of fitness into one coaching service is recommended due to how nutrition and cardio can affect training prescription, and vice versa.

What I Offer

One on one sessions

Everyone is unique in terms of body type, fitness and other individual needs and considerations. Get faster results with a tailor-made program, executed under the supervision of a professional coach.

Hybrid/online coaching

An individualised weight training programme fitted to your goals. Includes weekly spreadsheet training updates, regular sessions with me (if in person), a frequent communication to answer any questions you may have.

Weight loss/gain plans

Nutrition guidelines and/or macronutrient and calorie targets dependent on your goals. Includes weekly spreadsheet nutrition and cardio updates, and frequent communication to answer any questions you may have.

Small group training

Immerse yourself into a supportive, growing community to take your training to another level. Group training is a cost effective way to get the benefits of coaching and a great way to meet people with the same interests as you.

Boot camps

Focuses on varied workouts incorporating cardiovascular endurance, strength and core training. Designed to cover and meet the needs of all fitness levels, including those with medical conditions and injuries.

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