“Bysshe is awesome! He takes the time to help you figure out your goals and is an all round amazing person and trainer. Would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a PT.”

Holly E

“Highly recommend!! He's an amazing PT for both beginners and more experienced people/athletes. I went to him with a goal in mind and without his help I wouldn't have been able to progress the way I have. Not only does he show you the correct way to perform exercises, he also explains the reasons why we need to move certain ways and how it will benefit us. He's super supportive, knowledgeable and professional.”

Lauren M

“I would highly recommend working with Bysshe from Ironhide. Bysshe not only has great knowledge and passion for improving in the gym, he also has a good understanding of how people work and that not everyone is the same. Working with Bysshe he listened to my inputs and what my goals were and helped structure my training to fit. Awesome coach.”

Sam T

“I knew that I couldn’t get my technique right on my own. Bysshe identified my weaknesses and explained how to correct it in layman’s terms. His knowledge is incredible but he imparts it in a way you can understand and that was just my first session. If you have goals he will get you on the right track immediately.”

Jody R

“Highly recommend Bysshe and the awesome work he's doing through Ironhide. I love his informative style of training, getting into the "whys" behind the techniques. His approach is confident, professional and client focused. I'm massively into functional movement and Bysshe has that nailed down. He knows his stuff and clearly cares about his clients' goals. 12 outta 10.”

Jacki H

“100% recommend bysshe for anyone who's looking for a trainer. Huge pool of knowledge in different areas and great at tailoring a plan to what you need. Super friendly and a stickler for technique too to make sure you get the most out of your workouts 10/10.”

Deb V

“Bysshe is an awesome trainer who has helped keep me motivated and is willing to change things to suit what I need and has helped me improve my strength and fitness greatly 10/10.”

Taylor M

“Bysshe wrote me out a plan that I stuck to and managed to see some changes and results I was looking for. Great customization and he will help you figure out your goals and a plan to achieve them if you put in the work.”

Jared G

“He’s tough when I need, & kind also when I need (just got back from holiday. He was so good!). Together we will achieve my goals.”

Linda H

“Highly recommend if you're legit keen to get fit and strong! Bysshe helped me build a solid foundation to squat, bench and deadlift correctly. Worth the penny if you have nice deep pockets, and looking to splurge on a really great personal trainer.”

Cheyenne B

“Highly recommend Bysshe. Top sessions, he is amazing at what he does. He really takes the time to understand the whole picture and approaches the sessions in a way to help you understand the process and work involved.”

Lydia M

“If you're wondering about the benefits of having Bysshe as a PT, there are many! 👍Ensuring you are exercising correctly. 🤨Meeting you where you are according to your ability, mood, & energy each session, 🧐creativity & flexibility to solve whatever comes up, 😀Positivity & motivation. 😝Plus he's just a bloody nice, funny guy!”

Rachel R