Training and nutrition programmes to help you push through your barriers and achieve your goals.

Personal Training & Coaching

Hi! I’m Bysshe Blackburn, the founder of “Ironhide”. I provide personal training and coaching services out of Bay City Gym in Napier. I have been training myself for the better part of a decade, and training others for more than half of that time. My preferred training style revolves around powerlifting and bodybuilding, but I have a great understanding of the principles of training and can accommodate a wide variety of goals (weight loss, weight gain, strength, fitness, size etc). Alongside this I pride myself on being empathetic and thus able to connect with my clients. This enables me to understand what will really work for them because let’s be honest, most of us know what we want to do, we just need help actually doing it.

Be held accountable and achieve your goals. Ironhide offers a range of personalized and group services to suit your needs.

One On One Training

Be held accountable and educated.

Online Coaching

Individualized programs delivered online.

Weight Loss Strategy

Education and strategy around weight loss.

Small Group Training

Cost effective custom sessions for 2-15 people.

Boot Camps

Perfect for building routine and general strength and fitness.


Bysshe is awesome! He takes the time to help you figure out your goals and is an all round amazing person and trainer. Highly recommend him.

Holly E

Bysshe not only has great knowledge and passion for improving in the gym, he also has a good understanding of how people work and that not everyone is the same.

Sam T

He really takes the time to understand the whole picture and approaches the sessions in a way to help you understand the process and work involved.

Lydia M
Contact me to find out how I can help you achieve your goals