Training and nutrition programmes to help you push through your barriers and achieve your goals.

Personal Training & Coaching

I’m Bysshe Blackburn, the founder and head coach of Ironhide. I provide personal training and coaching services throughout Hawkes Bay, New Zealand. I have been training people for the better part of a decade. My primary training interests are size and strength. I work with a range of people, from powerlifters, bodybuilders, all the way to those who are new to working out. I always aim to connect with my clients and understand how they operate, we then collaborate to achieve their goals.

Gain accountability and achieve your goals. Ironhide offers a range of personalized and group services to suit your needs.

One on one sessions

Improve your technique and gain accountability.

Hybrid/online coaching

Training programs in person or online.

Weight loss/gain plans

Support to help you gain muscle or loose fat.

Small group training

Group sessions to push you to your limits.

Boot camps

Step outside your comfort zone with various training styles.


Bysshe is awesome! He takes the time to help you figure out your goals and is an all round amazing person and trainer. Highly recommend him.

Holly E

Bysshe not only has great knowledge and passion for improving in the gym, he also has a good understanding of how people work and that not everyone is the same.

Sam T

He really takes the time to understand the whole picture and approaches the sessions in a way to help you understand the process and work involved.

Lydia M
Contact me to find out how I can help you achieve your goals